Volunteers make NBCR what it is. Our volunteers are a wonderful group of caring, compassionate, professional women and men. Most have full-time jobs. Everyone is very appreciative of one another and just wants what is best for our kitties. Our goal is to save as many kitties as we can and help find them the homes they all deserve.

Although there is not a lot of turnover, there's always more work to do. If you'd like to volunteer your time, here are the categories of activities where we could use the help.

Cage Cleaners

Cage cleaners are always in demand as they help keep the adoption center looking great. We have cage cleaners come in twice a day. Most morning cage cleaners come in before 11am and evening cage cleaners come in after 5pm. As each cage is cleaned the kitty comes out to explore, play with toys and use scratching posts. Cleaners sanitze the cage, shake out the beds and provide clean bedding if needed, scoop the litterbox, and give the kitty fresh food and water. We train each person for this posistion, and while it isn't the easiest job, it certainly has it's rewards! You get one-on-one time with the kitties and who appreciates a clean enviornment as much as a cat?


Foster parents take cat(s) into their home on a temporary basis. There are several reasons fosters are needed including giving a kitty a break from PetSmart, giving the kitty more socialization, caring for nursing mothers and kittens or weaned kittens not yet ready for adoption, or housing a cat until a cage opens up at PetSmart. For more details on fostering and our requirements, see the Fostering page.

Adoption Counselors

Adoption Counselors are present to help families find the right kitty for thier homes/lifestyles and vice versa. Adoptions are held every Saturday from 11am to 4pm and Sunday from 12pm to 4pm. During that time potential adopters can meet different kitties and if a good match is made, will be required to fill out an adoption application, pay the adoption fee and make arrangements to take home their new bundle of joy. Adoption Counselors also help maintain cages throughout the day, play with the cats and educate the public about the importance of spay/neuter.

Also Needed:

We also need people who can pick up, launder, and return the bedding.

If you want to volunteer, please complete and submit our volunteer application:

The volunteer coordinator will contact you to arrange an interview.

If you don't have the time, but would like to donate monetarily, please visit our donation page.

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