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Here are some articles on cat-related topics. If you can't find what you're looking for here, visit the Links page for sites with more in-depth information.

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PawWhat to Consider Before Adopting a Pet

New Pet

PawHow to Care for Your New Kitten
PawKitten Care

Behavior and Training

PawScratching Article


PawTrimming Your Cat's Claws


PawCoping with Allergies
PawDeclawing: What You Need to Know
PawFacts About Declawing
PawWhy Cats Need Claws
PawLiving with a Diabetic Cat
PawEarly Spay/Neuter in the Cat
PawCat Facts: Spay & Neuter Programs
PawFIV: Catching a Bad Case of Rumors


PawKeeping the Holidays Happy and Safe
PawReporting Animal Abuse or Neglect

Re-homing Your Pet

PawRe-homing your pet
PawNeed to rehome your cat?
PawRe-homing your cat or dog?
PawRe-homing a cat
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---Cleveland Amory